The Importance of Legal Aid

In any democratic system right to justice forms an essential part. If any citizen is unable to access the law, then the existence of courts and laws becomes useless. Legal aid clinics provide legal advice to those who cannot afford the costly legal system not for earning profit but in public interest. This act of providing free legal advice to the weaker section of the society ensure equal legal opportunities to all sections of the society and bring an end to all discrimination based on social or economic background or other disabilities. Young law students are motivated individuals who are enthusiastic about serving the weaker section and provide them with legal assistance.

The 20th century saw a major growth of legal aid along with reformist principles; The idea was put forward by various respectable legal practices who felt it was their responsibility to take care of those who cannot afford the legal fees and thus open the door of justice to everyone. Pro bono legal aid are available for those who are economically weak or face discrimination in the society.

Why People Choose Legal Aid?

This is a common question asked by many. There are several reasons behind the popularity of legal aid. First, legal aid is generally used to refer to pro bono legal services that are provided free of charge, or at drastically reduced prices.  Second, civil matters and family court cases like domestic violence, etc. are efficiently handled by legal aid services.  In cases where resources may be split, or one party may be at risk from the other or financially dependent on the other, pro bono legal aid gives an opportunity to actually bring the case to court. Third, legal aid services are also used to provide expert criminal legal aid services. But these are not the only areas that legal aid covers. Other services that legal aid clinics might offer:
  • Matrimonial or relationship property disputes
  • Child care
  • Adoption
  • Mental health
  • Breach of contract
  • Defamation lawsuit

Criminal Cases vs Civil Cases

Sometimes, you may wonder how these services are free of cost. When it comes to criminal cases, the government hires an attorney to represent the defendant if they do not have the finances or willingness to hire their own attorney.  This is mandated by law in America. However, when it comes to civil cases, where you aren't being charged with a crime, there is no such mandate.  Pro Bono legal aid is provided to those who need help when dealing with civil or criminal cases when they aren't the defendant.  These cases are generally paid for by the organization offering the services, or from by a portion of the winnings of the case. One must remember that seeking legal aid services may require them to wait for an extended period of time as the attorneys working with legal aid represent a large number of people and have a heavy workload.

Once you find out the importance of legal aid and how it can help you with your legal needs, then getting free legal aid can truly aid in your struggles. No cost lawyers or free lawyers are something not everybody is aware exists, but if you search for their services near you, then you are getting the help needed with no cost to you.