Pros and Cons of Law

You have a legal issue, but you are not able to hire an attorney. Pro bono lawyers may be able to help you with your case. Pro bono is a Latin phrase, which means for the public good. Pro bono lawyers perform free legal assistance for people who cannot find affordable services. The following information provides details about the pros and cons of pro bono law. And it offers ways you can find the right pro bono services to meet your needs.

Pros of Pro Bono Legal Services:

The American Bar Association's (ABA's) Model Rule 6.1 recommends legal professionals give free legal services to the indigent. Attorneys from large firms, small firms, and solo practices devote their time to legal aid services. During these 50 (or more) hours, these lawyers of their services and accept clients who are unable to hire a legal professional.
The lawyers provide clients with the same duty of diligence as their paying clients. The attorneys use their experience to help clients with their legal issue. Some of the areas of law are criminal law, family law, and bankruptcy law.

Cons of Pro Bono Legal Services:

 An ABA study indicates that 40 percent of low and moderate income individuals have legal issues each year. But only 20 percent of poor people get help with their legal problems. Pro bono work can be a rewarding experience for the attorney and client. But a case may take many hours of the attorney's time. The legal professional may struggle to find time for cases. Plus, many law firms may not have the staff or funding for pro bono work.

Finding Pro Bono Services

If you are trying to find legal aid organizations, there are some services that may be able to help you. There are certain qualifications that you will need to meet for these services. These organizations accept cases such as landlord-tenant issues, social security matters, and unemployment benefits. You can also find free legal help at many law school legal clinics. Law students provide the services under the supervision of a clinical professor. The areas of law include elder law, family law, healthcare law, and landlord-tenant problems. The law students do research, draft legal documents, perform client interviews, and prepare clients for court. You may have a legal issue, but you cannot afford a legal professional. A pro bono lawyer may be able to handle your case. There are some law firms and nonprofit organizations that offer this service.We understand that it's difficult to search for legal attorneys near you sometimes. You can try using this finder to find free lawyers near you. You can search through the site and see detailed profiles for the attorneys and go through the lawyer directory to find one that would work for your needs.