Guide On Finding Pro Bono Attorneys

Get more information on how yo connect with the best Pro Bono Attorneys. Explore Ways To Get Legal Help When You Can't Afford a Lawyer.

For many of us, seeking a lawyer and legal representation can quickly become overwhelming or nearly impossible, especially if you are unable to afford the services you need. Legal representation and the pursuit of justice should not be relegated to a privilege of the wealthy.  Luckily, many lawyers and legal associations agree. That is why there are lawyers who offer pro bono legal aid and legal services, so anyone can get the legal representation they need. 

Why Offer Pro Bono Services?

Legal aid should not be withheld because of a lack of funds.  Many people in America are unable to afford lawyers and attorneys, even for simple legal consultations or advice.  Pro Bono services allow for low income citizens to access skilled legal professionals and get the legal representation they deserve. 

People who qualify for pro bono legal aid and other legal services are typically low income or other disadvantaged citizens. Disadvantaged citizens include the elderly, children, low-income earners, and the unemployed. In the United States, pro bono legal organizations, such as the American Bar Association (ABA) and Pro Bono Texas, can help to link people lacking legal fees with the lawyers who provide free legal advice or services. 

Private Lawyers Pro Bono Assistance

A private lawyer may also accept a pro bono case, usually to meet community outreach or service guidelines put in place by the ABA.  Pro Bono legal assistance is usually decided on a case by case basis and while a lawyer may take a case pro bono, it does not mean they will take all cases on a pro bono basis. Pro bono issues do not necessarily revolve around litigation or defense.

Some legal professionals might devote their time and financial resources to improve or draft a law for the public good. Lobbying for the repeal, amendment, or legislation of law is part of pro bono services. It is not uncommon to find legal professionals contributing finances to organizations that assist the marginalized while promoting the pro bono principle. 

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Who Gets Pro Bono Assistance?

The American Bar Association estimates that the citizens requiring pro bono services, or the low and moderate-income segment, constitutes 40 percent of the U.S. households. However, only 20 percent of the people deserving the pro bono legal aid get the free legal assistance. Under the ABA Model Rule 6.1, a lawyer is obliged to offer at least 50-hour free legal services every year. 

How Do I Get Pro Bono Services?

Pro bono attorneys offering free legal aid acquire a lot of experience on how to handle complex litigation cases. Local bar organizations, as well as state bar associations, provide pro bono committees through which lawyers volunteer for pro bono work.

For example, advocates who specialize in personal injury law will handle compensation damage claims case. The ABA's Volunteer Legal Project has opportunities for pro bono volunteerism. The military pro bono assistance is for active duty officers. A case can get to a pro bono lawyer if the underprivileged client lifestyle is below the federal poverty level income of $24,000 for a four-member family.

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