Military Pro Bono Attorneys

In America the typical individual will face between four and six legitimate legal issues over the course of their life. Half of all families are facing a significant legal issue at the moment that is adversely affecting their financial situation in some way. When faced with any legal issue, criminal or civil, your first step should always be to get legal advice, counsel, or representation from a certified and qualified lawyer. However, lawyers are not typically cheap to retain, and you may not have the financial means to hire a lawyer.  That is where pro bono legal aid comes in.  Pro bono legal aid is important for the health and well being of vulnerable groups, such as immigrants, LBGTQ peoples, minority communities, and military service men and women.

Military Lawyers:

Military Lawyers are lawyers who specialize in military matters and representing active duty military personnel and veterans. Not only do active duty military members (and retired veterans) need to have legal representation for any civil or criminal matters, they need to have lawyers who understand military law as well. United States military services have their own sets of laws that differ from the broad laws of the United States. Even more concerning, many military members and veterans are unable to afford or get access to lawyers that specialize in military matters and can help them handle their cases. Luckily there are pro bono military lawyers who help military members, both active duty and veterans get the legal aid they need and deserve. With the right lawyer you will not have to choose between paying for legal aid or keeping your family fed.

A typical lawyer might charge around $300 every hour, in addition to any fees to keep them on retainer, which is an in advance charge for a specific number of hours paid ahead of time in anticipation for a case (so 5 hours at $300 every hour would yield a $1,500 retainer expense), with additional expenses for over time or extra time. If money is an issue for you, know that you aren't alone, money is tight for most people. Luckily many lawyers understand that and offer reduced fees, pro bono work, or free consultations. If you can find a lawyer offering free consultations, it is in your best interest to go in a explain your case. While saving money is important, it's more important to find lawyers with experience and who will aggressively represent you.

You can compare the best military lawyers near you to find the right match.

Pro Bono: What It Is... What's more, What It Isn't

The term expert bono originates from the Latin professional bono publico, or "for the general population good." The idea being that, since many individuals can't manage the cost of legitimate help (Some legal advisors who conceded that they couldn't bear the cost of their own law offices rates!), lawful cause ought to be given to the individuals who require it most (and are slightest ready to pay for it).

The vast majority of people know about the possibility of a pro bono lawyer, but believe that getting their case considered on a pro bono basis is near impossible and thus don't seek out a pro bono attorney. Luckily Pro Bono attorneys are available, all you need to do is put in some time and effort to find one.