Pro Bono Legal Practices

Pro bono is a legal term that means helping the public. It was introduced in an effort to assist those who are deprived of justice because they have limited finances. The American Bar Association requires lawyers to dedicate some of their time every year to offer free or reduced fee legal assistance.

Some law offices or new attorneys attempting to start their own practice might offer their services pro bono to gain experience and recognition. Often a newer attorney might take a case pro bono under the supervision of an attorney with more practical experience.  Many law schools also offer some form of pro bono outreach, such as pro bono legal advice. One must remember that pro bono legal services do not always mean direct, full representation, or court appearances. An attorney engaging in pro bono legal aid may simply do legal research for a client, or draft court documents, without providing in person representation.

How Do You Qualify for Legal Aid or Emergency Help?

Most legal institutions and law firms have legal aid branches in place to help those who need legal representation or some other form of legal aid but cannot afford to receive it. In addition, most local governments, and even some city and state governments have legal aid branches dedicated to providing affordable legal aid.

All of these organizations understand how important it is to have open and honest channels of communication. If there is a way for them to provide you with the legal support you need, they will do their best to provide that support.  If they cannot provide you the services you need they may be able to point you towards a lawyer or law firm with the resources you need.

For those who do qualify for pro bono legal aid, you may have some reservations about the process.  Lawyers and attorneys do not have the best of reputations thanks to common portrayals in media. Lawyers are often portrayed as only caring about money and how much they stand to make off of any given case. While this may be true for some people, many lawyers are actually dedicated workers who want to ensure that justice is done and the law is upheld. Pro bono work is a prime example of lawyer's dedication to the community they serve. You don't need to worry that a lawyer representing you on a pro bono basis won't give the case their best effort.

How To Get The Legal Help You Need

If you are struggling financially and need a little assistance for acquiring legal help, we can help you start your search! It's recommended to look into getting pro bono legal support from a reputed attorney. A lot of attorneys do pro bono work, which is of no cost (or reduced fee) to the person seeking help. This is especially nice for those who can't afford to hire an attorney but who are looking to get an experienced lawyer with a great deal of experience, but at no cost.

In order to find free local attorneys near you, make sure to contact your local legal offices and ask about pro bono services. You can get immediate information from these resources, as well as using an online free legal aid helper. Please visit for further information regarding this.