Legal Opportunities

By now most people know that Pro Bono lawyers are those lawyers who devote a portion of their time to providing Legal services for free to those who cannot afford their typical rates. Most law firms encourage members to engage with the community through volunteer opportunities and pro bono assignments.  Many law firms have entire pro bono divisions, devoted solely to helping citizens that need legal help. These pro bono services are good for both the firm and the community, fostering trust in the law and helping create equality within a community.  Pro Bono legal services benefit both the community and the law firm in many ways. If you need legal help, but you are afraid you can't afford it, you may need to look for opportunities to hire a pro bono attorney. What opportunities are there to receive pro bono help if you need it? You have a few options, such as hiring a non profit legal group to represent your case.  A good example is the American Civil Liberties Union. Another option is appealing to a local law firm directly.  Local law firms generally have community outreach initiatives.  You could also contact the American BAR Association, they may be able to point you toward a lawyer offering pro bono legal services.

Are There Requirements for Receiving Pro Bono Legal Aid?

Pro Bono legal aid is meant to help disadvantaged peoples.  At its core, pro bono legal aid is a services provided to benefit others. With many people in desperate need of legal assistance, pro bono legal aid is always highly sought after. Because pro bono legal aid is always in demand there are usually set criteria that need to be met to have your case accepted on a pro bono basis. Some of the most basic criteria are demonstrating that you cannot pay for the legal aid in any other manner. Other criteria might be dependent on the case, such as refugee status for asylum cases. Determining eligibility is usually the first step of any pro bono case. Pro bono legal aid may not just refer to legal services.  In the case of injury cases you can ask for the help from the attorneys to cover medical costs or repairing or replacing damaged personal property, such as a car.

Is Seeking Out A Pro Bono Attorney Worth It?

All attorneys who have gone through years of schooling and more years of practical experience will work hard to win your case.  But not all attorneys will have the time to work your case for a reduced cost or for free. If you cannot afford to hire an attorney and believe that you have a case that can be won, it is always worth seeking out a Pro Bono attorney. With the constant help from the pro bono attorneys, you will find the representation you are entitled to under the United States Judicial system. The help provided by pro bono attorneys will at times exceed legal representation, for instance, attorneys representing a client with family related issues or any kind of domestic violence may pay for lodging or extra security to ensure the safety of their client. Pro bono work is also not relegated to in person representation.  A Pro Bono attorney may review paper work and draft legal document free of charge. In fact various churches, NGOs, community centers, and other social work related groups retain a group of attorneys for this purpose. When you are faced with legal issues and are afraid you cannot afford to pay the legal fees, seeking out a pro bono lawyer is your best opportunity to get the representation you deserve.