Steps to Find a Pro Bono Attorney

When you are looking to get legal aid you need to make sure you get the information you need. There are three different ways that you can conduct an attorney search. The primary way that you can start your inquiry is by going to the American Bar Association website, its a great place to browse local attorneys. It's one of the main spots you will find the information you need. There's a good chance that you can utilize the services directly on the page to locate a pro bono attorney who you can schedule a consultation with. You can search available attorneys by state or city, and you will see the names and addresses of the associations that offer legal services in your area.

You Can Get Legal Assistance From Pro Bono Attorneys Near You

You can see a particular rundown of each attorney within an organization as well. If you find a law firm nearby that you like, you can call the law firms and inquire about getting the assistance that you need. Another option you have when searching for a pro bono attorney is contacting nearby graduate schools to check whether any of the graduate students training to be lawyers are available to provide legal counsel.  Graduate programs typically have supervising lawyers who oversee and legal counsel offered by students.  The students are generally skilled enough to offer initial support. Another option is to contact non-profit organizations that deal with your area of law, such as the American Civil Liberties Union, or ACLU. Legal aid can be costly, but with the right search system, you can get low, or no cost legal aid to help you navigate your legal troubles. While no-cost or pro bono lawyers may seem like a fantasy, if you search for their services near you, you have a chance of finding services that don't break your bank.

Sometimes non-profit associations have a considerable amount of legal counselors on retainer who can help. If you are having trouble finding online resources, the Yellow Pages or a similar source might point you toward some pro bono assistance. Do not forget about your friends and family, they may be able to recommend local lawyers.

How Can Pro Bono Attorneys Help You?

The term pro bono is usually used with regards to lawyers to indicate a lawyer or attorney that offers their services free of charge, or at reduced cost. The idea began with the advent of public legal service, and the full term for a free lawyer is pro bono publico. The term originates from Latin and means "for the public good". Attorneys who do pro bono work do it for an assortment of reasons, such as providing outreach to individuals who can't afford legal help, championing a specific cause, or to meat the quota of pro bono work for the year. Some new lawyers simply need to offer back to the community to build up a good reputation, and to hone their skills.

How Do Pro Bono Services Work?

Pro bono services and no cost legal services are exactly that- legal services that are offered for little to no cost. You are not charged for the services that are provided. With full pro bono legal aid the attorney does not charge you for any part of your case from the consultation to courtroom representation. This can benefit you greatly, as paying for an expensive lawyer is no longer an issue, saving you a great deal of money and stress. The purpose of an attorney is to help you during your difficult times, and pro bono attorneys help ease your mind over the course of your legal struggle.