Benefits of Pro Bono Cases

Benefits of Pro Bono Services

Pro bono legal representation is one of the ways lawyers and law firms are removing the barriers to legal representation for those who would be blocked from seeking justice because they lack the funds to hire a lawyer to represent them. Despite the role of free legal assistance, the American Bar Association recently noted that 64% of lawyers did not offer the requisite 50 hours per year to individuals with limited means. A report by Philanthropy magazine found that a majority of the lawyers who are engaged in no-fee legal assistance did not do so for the benefit of the client alone. Those attorneys were more interested in changing America than helping those who were vulnerable. Hiring no-fee legal representation comes with benefits both for the attorneys and for their clients. 

What Are The Benefits of Pro Bono Lawyers?

The American Bar Association requires lawyers to at least dedicate 50 hours of free of charge legal representation annually. While one of the benefits of offering no-fee legal services is being in the good books of the ABA, there are many other benefits for law firms. These include:

  • The chance to expand one’s legal expertise and gain additional skills. 
  • Gaining credit and acknowledgment within the legal fraternity.
  • The feeling of giving back to the community or assisting the helpless to seek justice.
  • Expanding their client base through word of mouth and client recommendations.
  • Helping change systemic inequalities within the American justice system.
To those who seek free legal representation, some of the benefits include: 
  • Getting professional assistance in cases where one is faced with corporations or individuals who have financial resources that far outstrip your own.
  • Saving the cost of paying legal fees.
  • Getting justice where one would be forced to settle because they lack legal representation.
  • Avoiding financial stress in an already incredibly stressful scenario.

Pro Bono Help Is Available

The core goal of pro bono legal service is to help those who cannot afford legal services on their own. Pro bono work gives back to the community, helping society as a whole function healthily and smoothly. Pro bono legal aid is a legal concept that was introduced specifically to help those facing legal problems who can not compete with the resources of their opponents, and would otherwise be forced to accept injustice as the norm. Pro Bono legal aid does not necessarily mean that clients are represented free of charge in all circumstances. In some cases, attorneys will represent their clients at a low cost or set up payment plans to help them seek justice.  Not every attorney will offer pro bono legal services, and those that do will often need a consultation with you to learn about your specific case before accepting you as a client. If you feel that you have a case that needs to be tried in court and you cannot afford a lawyer, seeking out pro bono legal aid may be your only course of action.

Pro bono legal aid is not restricted to representation in court.  Pro bono legal aid can be legal advice given, or legal documents drafted for your case.  Always inquire about the level of legal aid being offered on a pro bono or low cost basis.