Find Attorneys in Bay Area

If you are in the San Francisco area, this short guide will help you find the attorney that is right for you. 

Finding a Lawyer:

At some point in your life, a situation may occur that will force you to seek legal representation. In this day and age, it is essential to ensure you have qualified representation when dealing with legal matters.  To begin, San Francisco has its own division of the Bar Association, The Bar Association of San Francisco in which legal assistance is offered by educated professionals.  The Bar Association of San Francisco has lawyers with experience in over 100 areas. The program acts a resource directory for those in need. They pride themselves on having a friendly, trained, multi-lingual staff who listen and understand legal needs. The LRIS is approved by the American Bar Association as a Model Program for protection of the legal consumer.

Top Law Firms

Semansky Law Firm: Semansky Law Firm is top of the list. There are many positive reviews about Michael Semansky, most mainly applauding his ingenuity and intelligence. He has been in the business for 39 years and currently has 3 employees. He believes the system is unfair and expensive.

Morell Law Office: Next on the list is Morell Law Office - DUI Defense Expert. She has 20+ years of experience, voted top 100 trial lawyers, former DUI prosecutor and is familiar with judges and prosecutors throughout the bay area. She is applauded on her ability to respond quickly. Morrell Law Office is a great option ifor any DUI cases.

Tanya Gomerman: Looking for an attorney specializing in personal injury or employment law? Look no further! Tanya Gomerman is an attorney in an elite personal injury and employment litigation law firm. She has handled a wide variety of conflicts, including but not limited to personal injury, motorcycle accidents, dog bite cases, slip and fall cases, bicycle accident cases, employment discrimination cases, wage and hour cases, and much more. She is experienced in dispute resolution, legal research and writing, law and motion. The company is 9 years old.

Geller Law: Geller Law is well respected in the San Francisco community. Sam Geller is one of the Bay Area's top DUI and Criminal Defense Attorneys. He has in the past successfully completed criminal cases ranging from DUIS, hit and runs, drugs and guns, severe traffic violations, etc. His process goes as follows: start each case by getting acquainted with the client and understanding the situation. Next explain how he could be of benefit and provide options and legal advice. Lastly, he begins reviewing all the evidence brought up against you to decipher what can be dropped. This process allows him to stay ahead of the prosecution by finding holes in the case.

Regardless who you choose, it is best to do your research and gather as much information as possible before preceding! It is recommended you find an attorney that fits your situation and personality. Without legal representation, you are risking a lawsuit. Or, you may need an attorney simply for legal contracts. In any case it is only to your benefit and the San Francisco area has many your options that will ensure quality results!