Retaining A Probono Attorney

No matter what type of legal problem you are facing, it is not advisable to try and take care of any type of legal matter without the help of a lawyer. You need to work with someone who understands what the laws are in your state in order to help you when you have to go to court or fill out paperwork. Unfortunately, lawyers can be very expensive. If you need a lawyer and don't have a lot of money, you might be asking yourself how you can be able to afford one. Can you retain a pro bono attorney? It is possible if you know what you are looking for.

Getting Affordable Legal Aid:

The first step to looking for an affordable or Pro-Bono lawyer is searching for programs that are funded by the government. There is a huge network of legal aid programs which operate using federal grants. These grants allow law firms to employ pro bono lawyers and paralegals in order to offer their expert legal services to those who cannot typically afford legal representation or counsel. Most larger law firms will have pro-bono or community outreach divisions that operate throw government grant funding or through case winnings. Unfortunately, most lawyers or Law firms will still have a cost associated with their services, but that cost may only be applied if they win the case for you.  In these instances they will be paid out of your case winnings and or settlement. It can be a big relief knowing that you have skilled legal representation in court, and increases your odds of receiving the justice you deserve.

Why It's Beneficial for Attorneys to Take Pro Bono Cases

  • Encourages Different Types of Experience-It gives attorneys a chance to practice an area of law that may not be their primary specialty.  
  • Grants Opportunity for Collaboration- With a practice in law that may be unfamiliar, may grant a chance for these attorneys to work with attorneys from other law firms to help with the gaps in knowledge.

Can You Retain A Pro Bono Attorney?

Many bar associations will often offer some affordable or no-cost legal help through their pro bono programs. The lawyers who are willing to work at no charge will be matched with people who are eligible to receive the legal advice at no cost. In order to qualify for this type of program, you might be asked to show proof that the income you make is below a certain level. There are also many private firms that have pro bono departments for cases that focus on certain types of community issues such as suits against the government, civil rights issues and police misconduct issues. If you are unsure of any law firms in your area, or are unsure how to contact them, you can search local law law firms here: allows you to search for Lawyers and law firms in your area, and even allows you to specify a area of law that you need legal representation in.  After searching they display the results alongside phone numbers and even give you the option to request a consultation if the law firm has a consultation option.

Legal Hotlines:

If you are not sure where to start in trying to find a pro bono attorney, you might want to try a legal hotline in order to get advice on attorneys who might be available in your area. These hotlines may also provide people with advice on certain types of situations such as for victims of domestic abuse. In many instances, this advice is given at no cost or very low-cost. Keep in mind that it is important to call a hotline that is listed for your state of residence because the laws for certain matters will differ between states. If you call a hotline from a different state, you might be given the wrong type of advice regarding your legal situation.

Find a Lawyer Who Is Willing To Work For You: