Tips For Choosing an Immigration Lawyer

Entering the United States legally can be expensive and time-consuming. However, it's the only right way to enter if you do not want to risk being permanently barred from the United States. You may be rejected at any point in the process and be forced to begin the immigration process all over again. It's important to know the process of applying for immigration so that you can be prepared and do it right.

Important Facts to Know About Immigration:

Immigration policies are put into place to accomplish several goals. The policies exist to increase diversity, unify families that have been separated, protect those who at risk and bring those who have skills that can contribute to the economy. If any of these factors apply to you, the chances of your immigration application being accepted will go up.

Building a Relationship with an Immigration Attorney:

Affordable immigration lawyers will help you navigate through the complicated process of filling out and filing forms and avoiding mistakes that could lead to your visa being revoked. You'll need to build a strong relationship with your immigration attorney that begins with trust.

Immigration attorneys are there to help you. Therefore, you have no reason to lie to him or her. If you have a great immigration attorney, he or she will not encourage you to lie on your application.

Communication is another important part of your relationship with your immigration attorney. If you have a language barrier, you should look for an immigration law firm that staffs affordable immigration lawyers who speak your language. Also, find out how often your attorney will want you to check in with him or her.

Types of Immigration Visas:

If you are intending to stay permanently in the US, there are several immigrant visas that you can attempt to obtain if you meet the requirements. You'll need help from an immigration attorney to make sure that you apply for the right one.

  • If you are a diplomat or a government official, you may be able to apply for a Type A Visa.

  • If you are foreign military personnel, you may be qualified for an A-2 NATO1-6 Visa.

  • If you are in the United States for business purposes, such as negotiating a contract or settling an estate, you may be qualified for a B-1 Visa.

When you are in the United States to work, there are additional types of visas, such as the H1-B, H-2A, H2-B, H-3, H-4, L-1, L-2, Type O, Type P, and Type Q. Each type of visa comes with its own set of requirements and you should discuss with your attorney which visa is applicable to you.

Naturalization and Green Cards:

To become a US citizen, you must apply for a Green Card. File an immigrant petition and a Green Card application. Someone else must file the immigrant petition for you.

Affordable Immigration Services:

The EOIR provides a list of free or affordable immigrant legal services to help you find local immigration lawyers. The American Bar Association also provides information on finding legal services in your state.