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According to the Justice Gap Report, 86% of civil legal problems reported by low-income Americans received inadequate or no legal help". Many Americans will need to seek legal services at some point in their life time. Many people have legal issues arise but find themselves without the financial means to acquire the requisite legal services. Many find themselves helpless in this situation, with little or no hope of pursuing justice. They don’t have the funds to compete with a big corporation with an entire law firm on retainer. Justice shouldn't be held behind a paywall. When Americans need legal services they should get legal services that don't break the bank. They need a lawyer that is going to fight for their clients, no matter how much they pay.

When someone needs legal help, they don’t want an ok lawyer or an average lawyer. They want the best of the best, someone with a track record of won cases or beneficial settlements. An experienced lawyer is key to going into court secure and confident instead of anxious and apprehensive. But hiring an experienced lawyer can be expensive and out of reach for most average citizens. Fortunately hiring an experienced lawyer on an affordable budget is possible! Depending on your financial situation and your case you may even qualify for free legal services offered by attorneys near you. You just need to research local lawyers who may have pro bono outreach programs.

Know What Kind of Lawyer You Need to Hire

There are many different specializations in American law. People might also need a family lawyer if they are having family issues such as divorce or child custody battle. Family lawyers and divorce lawyers are specialists in family law.  They know how to best represent you in a divorce legal fight, ensuring you get the monetary compensation you deserve, as well as fighting for you and your children's rights. A victim of an auto accident will need an attorney who has knowledge of traffic laws.  They can ensure you get the medical care you need, as well as getting you damages and repair costs. Medical Malpractice attorneys will represent you when you have been taken advantage off by a bad faith medical practitioner who may have left you injured, traumatized, or permanently disabled. Finding a lawyer who specializes in the area of law you need is paramount.

Know How to Find a Lawyer

When searching for a lawyer, you might start by reaching out to family and loved ones.  You may know a friend that has been through a similar situation such as a divorce. TIts possible they can recomend a lawyer right for your situation. If you have no family or friend connections to lawyers, your next step is searching online. Most lawyers and law firms have websites where you can search lawyers, make consultation appointments, and read reviews. is a great place to start your attorney search.  You can search by legal issue, by name of a specific attorney, or by your location.  They also have a listing of legal firms and lawyers who are currently open for business during the Covid-19 pandemic crisis. You can also search online at They have a similar search functionality so you can find the lawyer you need.

Attorney Services:

Even if you believe you don't have the funds to hire a lawyer to represent you in court you may still be able to afford various legal services or get free or reduced fee consultations.  Legal services span more than in person representation in court.  Legal services might invole drafting a will, or seeking legal advice.  You may even be able to reach a settlement out of court and avoid a costly prolonged trial.

This is why you should always search for an attorney even if you believe you won't be able to find an affordable option. Many lawyers have pro bono hours that they devote to helping under privaleged and low income clients that need legal services. Pro bono services allow you to get the legal assistance you need without breaking your bank. Don't give up on your search for legal services.